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Developing a brand, which includes a company name, story and logo can be incredibly daunting but is a vital ingredient of your company. It is not easy to do well. One of our alumni teams from delta v (2017) recently went through a rebrand after 4 years in business. It is a shining example of a thoughtful brand redesign. See below for their announcement.


Today Mayflower Venues becomes Weven.

Weven venues put client experience first. They care about hosting the best wedding possible for each client. That's why they invest in Weven’s online tools, which are designed to support you when and where you need them most. Each of their clients (you!) gets a free custom planning account to easily stay on track with planning, coordinate with their venue, discover vendors, build a wedding website and more. That’s Weven, it’s “your venue and everything for it.

Over the past year, we have rapidly expanded with more venues than ever now running their entire business using our Weven venue management system. Because Weven’s tools save venues so much time, they give it to their clients for free. That’s a win-win if we have ever heard one! But don't just take our word for it, see what couples have to say about working with venues using Weven…


Weven Bride

Why Weven?

"We" This is a tool for collaboration. For you, whoever you love, your planner, your vendors, your BFF and more. Together, we are better.

"Ven" Ven is short for venues because we love nontraditional venues and build tools for them to offer amazingly easy and personalized online planning experiences to their clients.

"Weven" like weaving, we bring together all the distinct parts of planning and coordinating a wedding at your specific venue in one single place

Weven is about getting things done. The checkmark is a nod to the many tasks Weven can help complete on your wedding planning checklist.

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