Pro-tips from TechStars on staying sane

Will Sanchez, Lecturer and EIR and a mentor at TechStars Boston, shared the following pro-tips on staying sane (Excerpted from the TechStars town hall meeting)

  1. Take a moment and breathe. As a leader, you must lead calmly and be planful.
  2. Recognize that you are not have peers to talk to through the Techstars network. This is a great benefit! Utilize Discuss in Techstars Connect to share content, query the network and learn from others on how to deal with today’s reality. Lean in to each other...leverage the Techstars network and your fellow founders for advice and counsel. We will be creating virtual opportunities to engage with each other. Check back here often for forums, Second Thursdays, Chapter events, talks, AMAs, etc.
  3. We are here for you. Techstars is a family. If you’re scared, recognize that this is ok and not something to be ashamed of. Reach out and talk to someone.
  4. Take care of yourself and your employees...if you haven’t done so already, work to adopt a remote work experience. See Brad Feld’s blog post on the #LeadBoldly initiative, which outlines what you should do. And take that pledge for your own company.


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