What tools can help me convert scheduled meetings to an online format?

Scheduled meetings are easy to take on line. The general behaviors are largely the same. Find a time that works for everyone; put it on the calendar; now book a room. The only difference is that the room is now a virtual room.

  • A full-featured video conferencing platform. I personally prefer Zoom over everything else out there. (Sorry SkypeWebExGoTo Meeting, and Amazon Chime) Most platforms allow unlimited 1×1 conversations on unpaid plans. I strongly recommend going to a paid plan. This is not a time to economize.
  • Calling into a video conference from a landline or mobile phone. This is a Plan B for that time when your house suffers a brown-out – and you lose internet. This is also one way to onboard people new to video conferencing because it works like phone conferences.
  • WhatsApp calls (with or without video) can be an alternative to the above for 1×1 calls. WhatsApp Video Calls consume less bandwidth than most video conferencing platforms. For this reason, WhatsApp delivers a more reliable video calling experience if one or both parties has bandwidth problems.


Adapted from a blog post titled "Leading a virtual entrepreneurial team – Part 1: Communication Basics" by Elaine Chen 

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