What tools can help me convert hallway conversations to an online format?

There are always times for a quick conversations that used to happen as a hallway conversation, or a "drive by". “Hey X, do you have 5 minutes?” Remote tools actually makes this interaction work better.

  • An instant messaging (IM) platform is a life-safer. An instant messaging platform is an excellent way to virtualize this interaction. I personally prefer Slack over everything else. (Apologies to SkypeHipchat and Amazon Chime.) This is better than real life “drive-by”‘s. You are not interrupting the other person. Instead, you are affording the other person the courtesy of letting them respond when they can. Innovation!
  • Good old fashioned texting. This is a good Plan B when you have unreliable internet connectivity. Everyone knows how to use this. An alternative is WhatsApp chat. Whatever you do – pick one fallback mechanism and stick with it. Two is confusing enough, three is way too much confusion.

Adapted from a blog post titled "Leading a virtual entrepreneurial team – Part 1. Communication Basics" by  Elaine Chen 

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