What are some pro-tips for running a successful training session?

Erin ScottKit HickeyPaul Cheek and Elaine Chen, who all teach at MIT, have the following pro-tips for people looking to transform their interactive and engaging classroom.

Teaching tips

  • Err on the side of having a powerpoint presentation so people can follow along
  • Less case discussion, more interactive lecture and breakout activities
  • Plan out the activities and distribute materials ahead of time

Audience engagement tips

  • Set expectations of how we would like the audience to engage ahead of time
  • The audience should have their cameras on if bandwidth permits
  • Expect more comments than normal since people can type
  • Allow people to type questions through chat
  • Rather than take questions along the way, stop explicitly and address questions
  • Batch up the questions and answer them in between delivering the lecture

Technology and audience management tips

  • Assign a designated virtual moderator other than the speaker to manage and monitor audience engagement and questions submitted
  • Create an alternative real time coordination mechanism for speakers/presenters/moderators to communicate outside the virtual conferencing platform
  • Consider using two screens – one for powerpoint screen sharing, the other for showing the audience in grid view

Group work

  • When doing group breakouts, every group should assign 1 person responsible for reporting
  • Use Google Slides – have the group edit slides then present to class
  • Use breakout feature
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