How do I virtualize all the channels of communication in the office?

There are a lot of channels of communications that happen in an office. We will need to find a way to virtualize each one of those.

Following is a suggestion on how to virtualize each type of interaction. Know that while the experience will be very different, you can still have effective communications and collaboration on line - even if the experience takes getting used to.

Communication type In-person version Virtual version
Scheduled team status meetings Face to face in a conference room Video chat, conference call
Scheduled one on one meetings Face to face in a conference room Video chat or phone call
Creative working sessions e.g. ideation Interactive workshop with whiteboard / sticky notes Video chat with cameras showing people drawing on paper, or using virtual whiteboard software
Impromptu 1x1 chats Face to face in the corridor Instant messaging, text
Water cooler chats Face to face at the water cooler or coffee machine Virtual "coffee machine" chat room with open access, available during office hours (or 24/7)
Large all-hands events (20+ people) In-person in a large conference room or hotel ball room On line webinar with separation of panelists (speakers) and attendees; mechanism for attendees to submit typed questions
Long form written communications Printed reports and articles, marked up by hand  hared electronic documents, marked up using built-in commenting/collaboration features from Word or Dropbox or the like
Shared files in a common repository (not code) Company server inside the firewall, accessed in the office Use VPN to go into the company server from home
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