What skills does the corporate entrepreneur need in order to build successful internal ventures?

A corporate entrepreneur needs two sets of skills in order to be successful: 

An aspiring corporate entrepreneur needs to first learn to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. They need to stop thinking like employees, and start thinking like business owners.

They then need to acquire two sets of skills: Entrepreneurial skills for the corporate context, and organizational skills.

Entrepreneurial skills for corporations

They need to learn entrepreneurial skills, because they probably have been in a functional role and may not have experience looking at all aspects of building a business. An effective and expedient way is to learn a startup framework such as Disciplined Entrepreneurship.

And then they need to understand how to adapt these skills to their unique environment – because after all, they are inside an organization, and there are assets and obstacles that they need to navigate.

Organizational skills

In additionl, they need to acquire really excellent organizational skills so they know how to navigate their own organizations, understand the company strategy and short and long term plans, and align their new venture to the overall strategy.

They need to know how to find and build relationships with stakeholders who can help or block their new ventures. In short, they need to acquire both startup and organizational skills – adapted for their specific corporate environment.


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