How can I quickly test a value proposition with digital advertising?

You might want to build out an entire app to test which features potential customers want the most. However, you can test quickly by faking it.

Sometimes referred to as the 404 test, a quick and easy way to test your value proposition is to run online advertisements for a solution and point those ads to an explanatory website. On that website you can include a call to action with a button reading something like “Sign Up” or “Buy Now”. Since you haven’t yet built the application, you can use clicks or taps on these buttons as indicators of interest and intent.

Since you have set an expectation for visitors you then need to communicate to them that the solution isn’t yet available. You might do this with a very candid message that they are directed to after choosing to sign up or buy or you can also prompt them to join your waitlist.


You can read more about validating product ideas with user research here:

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