What is a lead form and what information should I collect?

On your landing page it’s a great idea to have a lead form if you are seeking high touch sales. A lead form is a web form that asks prospects for contact information so that you can follow up with more information. In many cases, prospects receive something in return for filling out the lead form such as access to a webinar or an ebook. Regardless, if you choose to add a lead form to your landing page I highly recommend including an optional phone number field. As an early-stage startup, it’s important to capture lead phone numbers because it gives you the opportunity to call them and have a conversation for the purpose of not just sales, but also customer discovery.

Plus, those who attempted to reach leads within 1 hour were nearly 7 times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers than those who waited more than 60 minutes.

Sales Fact Credit: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-statistics

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