What is digital advertising tracking?

So now that you have ads setup to take visitors to a landing page it’s important to ensure that you have your tracking setup properly. Some of the world’s biggest companies have a hard time with this small, but integral aspect of running an digital advertising campaign. Without accurate data you can’t possibly optimize and refine your digital advertising campaigns.

Tracking allows you to better understand which of your ads generated results so that you can use data to optimize your campaign. For example, you would want to allocate more budget towards an ad that produced more sales. But how do you know which ad resulted in the most sales?

Advertising platforms can integrate with your website and will follow your website visitors from each ad. When the system sees someone purchase it can attribute that purchase to the ad from which their session originated. To get setup you generally need to install a small tracking code snippet onto your website.

Before you send someone to a website, track them with Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

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