What is the overall process for implementing an digital advertising campaign?

There are many pieces that you must string together in order to implement an digital advertising campaign. To give you an insight into the high-level process, you can think of it in this series of steps:


  1. Strategize – Set goals, metrics to track (based on your goals), and most importantly your budget.
  2. Plan – Design your ads to meet your goals and lay out a timeline.
  3. Execute – Put your ads on the platform(s) and begin buying.
  4. Review – Start collecting the data to compare actuals to your goals.
  5. Analyze – Compare your actual campaign results to your goals and learn.
  6. Optimize – Make changes to your ads based on the results.


By following these steps you ensure that the process is iterative and that changes are made based on goals and results, which results in the most efficient use of ad spend.

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