I am thinking of applying to MIT. What resources are available to help me start a company here?

MIT is a great place to find cofounders and pick up skills to build a new venture. You can read about Martin Trust Center and what we do here.

The annual report shows you everything we did in the previous academic year. It is a great way to get a feel about how we work with students.

We also have a student portal called Orbit - the one stop shop for student entrepreneurs. Feel free to browse the "Navigate MIT" section to see what sorts of classes and resources are available to student entrepreneurs at MIT.

We are one of many, many resources available to entrepreneurial students. Read about the entire MIT innovation ecosystem on the MIT innovation initiative's website.

To see what some of our student entrepreneurs' journeys looks like, read these alumni spotlights.

Good luck! And come visit! You can't get a good feel of the culture of MIT without going on a student led tour.  

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