How do I write a job description?

Before you start recruiting talent to join your team it's important to have a job description written that will help attract talent with an introduction to your company, the job role, and responsibilities. There are a few best practices that we will outline in this guide.


Most job descriptions follow a basic structure like the one below, which you can use and fill in with your own information:


[Job Title]
[Company Name]

XYZ Co. helps x do y and we’re on a mission to do a, b, and c…

- X
- Y
- Z
- …

- A
- B
- C
- …

Role is based in [Location] with X% travel required.

Compensation is based on experience and starts at $[Amount].

To apply, please submit your resume to

The structure is flexible, so get creative. Try to include your logo and perhaps a picture of your team!

Company Overview

The first section that you should include in every job description is an overview of your company. It's important to find the right people not just for the role, but also for your mission and team. Be sure to provide some context for applicants as to what your company does, what your mission and values are, and why they should join your team.


In this section you must provide a list of things that the new hire will be responsible for on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. When completing this section consider the question "Why am I hiring for this role? What do I need the new person to do?". Ultimately, these are the things that you will hold the new hire accountable for so it's important to give them a very clear idea of what they will be doing.


Here you will need to specify the traits that you are looking for in a successful candidate. These include things like education, work experience, years of experience, and/or desired experience.


Other Resources

As you proceed in creating a job description, especially if a technical job description, you should consider reviewing these resources that have example content you might find useful:


Before You Publish

Before you publish your job description feel free to reach out to an EIR at the Trust Center for a review.


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