Workshop: Online Advertising

The Testing User Acquisition Assumptions with Online Advertising workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn about how to design, run, and optimize online advertising campaigns.

In this short, practical workshop we will discuss how to test user acquisition assumptions with online advertising. We will review best practices and I will share a handful of lessons learned from all of the campaigns I have run across advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Yelp. You will leave with tips and tricks to save you time and that you can use to ensure your online advertising results in quantified learnings and/or validation. Follow up will include analytics tracking setup and 1:1 campaign review.

As follow up, here is a list of resources mentioned in the lecture:

Stock Media
We talked about how important high quality media is to your campaign’s success. Source your media from sites like Shutterstock or iStock. Free resources are also available in MIT Orbit.

Graphic Design
You may need custom designed media assets (images, videos, and/or infographics) for your ad campaigns and you can hire a freelancer to help from sites like UpworkFiverr, or 99designs.

Before you send someone to a website, track them with Google’s Campaign URL Builder

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