How do I hire MIT undergraduates as interns?

There are a number of resources on campus that helps organizations (whether a startup, a corporation, a non profit, an academic institution, a government agency, or the United Nations) place undergraduate students in internships or externships. 

MIT NEET: New Engineering Education Transformation

Cross departmental project based research program that is backed by companies like General Motors. Reaches 120+ sophomores and juniors. Year round.

MIT UPOP: Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program

A year long professional development program for sophomores

MISTI Internships:

The MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) matches international employers with undergraduate students for an overseas internship experience. MISTI has offerings in 25+ locations. 

E-Ship Internship:

This program pairs freshmen, sophomores and juniors with MIT deltav alumni startups. MIT deltav is run by the Martin Trust Center and is a capstone summer accelerator program for student startups who are ready to build a successful business at scale when they graduate from MIT.

MIT Externships

MIT Externships pair students with alumni during IAP so students can experience these companies for a short time. They can lead to summer internships and full time positions.


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