Why is protecting my idea and product important?

Take-aways from a talk in the Trust Center on 7/7/16

  • Ownership issues: It’s very important that your coders assign the coding copyrights to your company. Investors will not sign a term sheet with you otherwise.
  • In an educational program - the team owns the copyrights for the code they write.
  • Things you should ask yourself:
    • If competitors can’t use your patent - does it matter to them?
    • Will the IP slow others down?
  • When considering whether to invest, VCs cares about your patent because:
    • Patents suggest your value and brand and give VCs something that is“tradable” to the money they give you.
    • Patents “demand respect” - it's not worth it for companies to engage in litigations so they avoid direct competition
    • “Mutually assured destructions” - in many cases, others who have parents won't sue you if you don't sue them.
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