What do I need to know to procure business insurance for my startup?

Here are some the questions that an insurer will ask when you are seeking insurance:

General Insurance Questions

  • Date of incorporation?
  • What is the Federal ID number?
  • What is the exact name of the U.S. entity?
  • Please list all entities with 51% or greater ownership.
  • List all mailing addresses (distinguish billing if it is different)?
  • Designated Contact Person - Email, Phone, Fax
  • Company website?

Property Questions

  • What is the non-depreciated value of company assets (per location is applicable)?
  • Are there foreign locations?
  • Please provide the following building detail: Square footage? Sprinklered? Building type (frame, brick, etc.)? Fire and/or burglar alarm? Surrounding environs (general office, manufacturing, parking lot, etc)?
  • Automobile: Does the company own any autos? Please provide Year/Make/Vin Where are the autos garaged? Driver info: D.O.B/ SS#? Please detail any losses? Do you plan to rent autos? est. # of rental days

General Liability Questions

  • What are annual the projected sales?
  • Please provide a description of your product or service? Be specific, but try to keep it simple if possible.

Workers' Comp Questions

  • What is the projected annual payroll breakdown?
  • Please cap officers (determined in company charter) at $52k each.
  • Clerical $ Sales $ Other $
  • How many employees?
  • Is there any foreign travel?
  • # of trips typical destination?


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