What is the difference between MIT fuse, StartMIT and Nuts and Bolts?

During IAP there is a wealth of options for student entrepreneurs to learn about entrepreneurship and experience the startup lifestyle.  Each of these programs target students with different objectives.

  • MIT fuse is organized by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. MIT fuse is an immersive, 4-week accelerator program that does not offer credit.  The accelerator is action oriented and project based, and involves minimal time in a classroom setting. It is not for credit. We incubate startup teams in our co-working space and provide lunch every day throughout the program.  There is also unlimited coffee and ramen noodles!  Consider fuse if you are interested in throwing yourself full time into exploring your startup idea (and the cadence of working full time in a startup for four weeks). 
  • StartMIT is a tartMIT is a 2.5 week program over January’s Independent Activities Period (IAP) that aims to give any student who is curious about entrepreneurship, an introduction to the skillset and spirit it requires, and exposure to the amazing resources available at MIT to continue the journey after the class.It is a full-time, two-and-a-half week course, for 6 credits. This is an excellent classroom-based experience in which outstanding innovators and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. gather to share expertise with participants. See an example schedule from last year's StartMIT program here.  Consider fuse if you are interested in earning credit for attending classes for the duration of the program.
  • Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures / Business Plan is a Course 15 (Sloan School of Management) program. The course is open to members of the M.I.T. Community and to others interested in entrepreneurship. It is particularly recommended for persons who are interested in starting or are involved in a new business or venture. Because some of the speakers will be judges of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, students planning to enter the Competition should find the course particularly useful. This is also an excellent classroom-based experience in which students meet for 6 sessions in the evening (6-9pm) for which they will earn 3 pass/fail credits.  Consider Nuts and Bolts if you are (a) interested in a  practical crash course in how to build a venture in just 6 short sessions, (b) if you are interested in new ventures and either don't have an idea or you have an idea and want to meet potential team members, (c)  you want to get a practical view of what is involved in thinking about and starting a new venture (for profit as well as social and developmental ventures), or (d) you or your team members are interested in specific topics discussed.   Note:  Although MIT students may take the course for 3 pass/fail credits, the course is open to listeners in the MIT community and others, including  people from corporations, governments and other universities.
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