How do I book a room at MIT?

Room options at MIT for currently enrolled students include:

  • Martin Trust Center, E40-160 (Visit to book a room)
  • Classrooms (of all shapes and sizes, across campus)
  • Sloan E62 Academic Area Conference Rooms (must be booked by a Sloan affiliate)
  • Campus Activities Complex (CAC) spaces
  • Media Lab 6th floor and Bartos Theater
  • Other (link for more info)

Booking a classroom

Classrooms can be booked through this link:

Classrooms are reserved through the Office of the Registrar. The website details pretty much everything you need to know about finding a room. Reserving a classroom is free.

General rules for classroom use

No food or drink are allowed inside classrooms. Sloan-located classrooms appear to be the exception, given the number of Sloan-run events that include food or drink served and consumed inside the classroom.

Classrooms include the rooms on the first floor of Stata. The Campus Activities Complex (CAC) will offer (paid) support for the space outside the room -- setting up tables so you can have food there, that sort of thing.

Many classrooms have basic A/V such as a projector.

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