Scaling in the high growth phase


When your startup enters a growth stage, you want to make sure you’re not just thinking about the numbers — # of customers, # of users, total headcount.

You need to have the right mindset for your current phase of development, and you need to make sure the people you’re working with are on the same page. 

Startups are especially vulnerable to mindset mistakes. The team sees that things are working well when there is a small team. The team tries to hold onto that feeling even as they recruit and acquire customers at breakneck speed.

 “The hallmark of successful scaling is knowing when to hit the brakes so you can scale faster later,” Robert Sutton says. “And if anyone ever tells you they have solved all your scaling problems, they are lying to you, and you need to send them out the door immediately.”

There is no one straight route to scale. It is deeply personal to each company’s experience. 

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