What is the #1 job of the CEO?

There are many posts that define the job of the startup CEO. They are ALL different.

  • Y Combinator says the startup CEO's #1 job is to build a product, and their #2 job is to build a company.
  • Hackernoon says the startup CEO's #1 job is to put others in a position to succeed beyond their wildest dreams (and therefore: Look at where they are spending their time - then fire themselves from that position.)
  • Inc Magazine says the startup CEO's #1 job is to generate energy into their company.

While all of the above are fair and accurate, there is one more #1 job that is much more basic. The #1 job of the CEO is to make sure you don't run out of money. 

Cash is oxygen to a startup. The CEO does this by managing revenue, expenses, and external financing (via equity, debt,  grants/funded development deals or other sources of financing) to maintain consistent growth of the business.

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