What services and support can I get at the Martin Trust Center as a current student or postdoc?

At Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship ("Trust Center" for short), we support student entrepreneurs in the following ways: 

  • ACADEMICS:  Ranging from introductory to advanced, MIT offers a full range of entrepreneurship courses open to undergraduates and graduate students from MIT's five schools - School of Engineering, School of Science, Sloan School of Management, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science - and Whitaker College. 
  • RESOURCES & PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS: from coffee and snacks to hardware and server space, we have the resources you need to "get stuff done."
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES: Our space in E40-160, in the heart of Kendall Square, offers collaborative workspace, meeting rooms, IdeaPaint walls, a videoconference system and a makerspace.
  • ADVISING: Our advising network, spanning our full-time entrepreneurs in residence as well as a broader network of peer and professional advisors, provides students with advice about entrepreneurship and startups.
  • EVENTS: Speaker Series', Roundtable sessions, MIT $100K competition, t=0 and more allow students to broaden their network and explore their individual entrepreneurial paths.
  • ACCELERATOR: The MIT Global Founders' Skills Accelerator (MIT GFSA) is the premier university student accelerator in the world. It offers a capstone educational opportunity for students.

Check out the Trust Center's website to learn more.

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