How do I make sure I am hiring the right people?

Execution requires a great team.  Jim Baum, a serial entrepreneur and investor in the Boston area, as well as a lecturer at MIT, has a cool mnemonic for the top five attributes to look for in a new hire:

  • E – Enthusiasm.  Look for people who are passionate, excited, and energized about the team they will be joining and the work they will be doing.
  • I – Intelligence. Look for people who are smart and able to learn quickly.
  • E – Experience. Look for people with the right experience base.  This one is tricky - more on this later.
  • I – Integrity.  Look for people who are honest and will do the right thing.  This one is immutable.
  • O – Organizational fit.  Look for people who are aligned with your values and culture. This is very important.

That sums it up on the important things to look for, not only for hiring but for ongoing talent development.

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