How can you speed up software development?

DO share business context and engage developers in dialog about the state of the business and its complex needs – the more the developers feel they own the problem, the more creative they will become in looking for alternative ways to solve the problem that will get to the end goal faster. 

DO right-size your development process. No process is just as bad as too much process. For a lot of startup teams, some flavor of Agile software development process is a good idea. Consider either a kanban process or a sprint-based process depending on the stage of your venture and the maturity of your product and the experience base of your development team. Kanban is best for rapid iterations before you ship product; sprint-based processes are best for shipping products with a bit more maturity in the codebase.

DON’T order people to work longer / work more, especially if you aren’t working longer with them. Work smarter – in a group.

Be aggressive, but be realistic – don’t believe in magic when it comes to resource allocation. If it doesn’t fit, find another way either by cutting scope (best) or extending time (less good), never by telling the team to do more faster without being constructive with suggestions on how to morph the work to fit the available time.

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