I am new to the Boston startup ecosystem. Where can I go to meet other founders or get access to local resources?

If you are new to Boston's startup ecosystem, there are a few resources maintained by different folks that can help.

  • Check out the Boston Innovation Guide. It lists everything and the kitchen sink and is an unbelievable resource. 
  • Also see Starthub Boston, a landing page that covers a lot of the same ground as the Hitchhiker's Guide - with slightly different coverage.  This is a collaboration between the City of Boston, Venture Cafe, IBM and other partners from Boston's startup community.
  • Also see the Boston Startup Guide, yet another resource that lists startups, coworking spaces and other resources.
  • Lastly there is a new effort called the Startup Coalition led by Mike Cavaretta of Morse, Barnes-Brown and Pendleton with the objective of serving as a one-stop shop for startups to find highly experienced service providers who have a lot of experience working with startups. They also hold a lot of panels and events.

The only challenge with these lists is that they are each collated according to a different set of criteria, so there is some overlap but there is no single comprehensive list that includes everything that might be interesting to everyone.  We recommend you check out all of them and invest a little time in physically checking out things like coworking spaces and meetups to find the resources that specifically meet your needs. 


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