How do I recruit subjects?

  • If B2C and you and your friends can be buyers/users: 
    • Directly recruit friends of friends (so they don’t know you)
    • Post the request on your social networks and your friends’ social networks
    • Where applicable, put up signage with a landing page URL at the watering holes where your target users hang out (e.g. at a preschool if recruiting parents of young children)
  • If B2B or you/your friends aren’t buyers/users:
    • Reach out into your network to see if you know someone who knows someone
    • Use LinkedIn to find suspects (and how you are connected)
    • Tap into alumni networks of your affiliated universities
  • You can also use a research service who can recruit subjects for you (works better for B2C). This costs money.
  • Stopping people in the mall or putting up flyers in the local library is generally not a great way to recruit subjects.
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