How do I structure the first 3 pages of my SBIR proposal?

As mentioned before - be concise. The first 3 pages should include the following:

  • A REALLY GOOD abstract. Again, you are earning their attention with that first impression!
  • An Introduction section with subheadings. Make it easy for them to read and understand what you have to say.
  • In the introduction section, lay out the following in subheadings: Problem; Technical solution; Team.
  • Make sure the Team section explains why your team has the strongest technical chops to fulfill the requirements of this project. If there are gaps in your technical team - fill the gap! For example, you might include an academic authority in an area you don't have expertise in - and explain that you will engage them as a consultant on this project.

Once again, make it EASY for them to navigate the first 3 pages. Give them the information they want quickly. Do not put equations in the first 3 pages!

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